Miransil (Sea Elves)

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Miransil (Sea Elves)


The Miransil are the sea elves that dwell along the southwestern coast of Eredane, where the great forest of Erethor meets the sea. These unwarlike, thoughtful people are from the same ancestral stock as the Caransil but long ago became as bound to the spirits of the sea as their cousins are to those of the forest. The sea elves are a darker-skinned people than their inland brothers, well tanned by the coastal sun. Their dark hair is worn short and bushy, and they wear loosefitting short pants, saris, or nothing at all.

The Miransil live over the water in the intertwining branches of giant mangrove trees whose sturdy roots protect their small harbors from ocean storms. The Miransil live off the bounty of the sea and are expert swimmers, sailors, and builders of small fishing boats and coastal traders. The sea elves are few, having sent an entire generation westward in search of hope and help, but have nonetheless sent their share of warriors eastward to fight Izrador’s invaders. Their longspears have proven as useful in killing orcs as in killing fish.

Miransil Racial Traits

• Weapon Familiarity and Proficiency: Miransil treat nets as martial weapons, rather than as exotic weapons. Also, sea elves have developed many spear variants as fishing tools; what were once used to hunt the bounty of the sea have now been turned to war. Sea elves therefore receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat in one of the following weapons: guisarme, ranseur, or trident.

• Favored Region: Miraleen. Sea elves’ favored region bonuses for Erethor increase by +2 when in the Miraleen. While the Miransil were once great explorers and navigators of the Endless Ocean, calling it as much their home as the Miraleen, the sea elves of the Last Age have lost that tradition.

• Natural Swimmers: Sea elves gain a swim speed of one-half their land speed. They may move through calm water at this speed without making Swim checks and gain a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform a special action or avoid a hazard. The sea elf can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered when swimming, and can use the run action while swimming, providing she swims in a straight line. Additionally, sea elves can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to six times their Constitution score.

• Natural Sailors: Sea elves gain a +2 racial bonus on any Craft or Profession checks involving ships, sailing, or the sea.

• Automatic Languages: High Elven, Jungle Mouth, Halfling (1) and Traders Tongue (1). Bonus Languages: Sylvan.

Miransil (Sea Elves)

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