Erunsil (Snow Elves)

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Erunsil (Snow Elves)


The elves of northern Erethor, called the Erunsil or the snow elves, are the stoutest elven stock. They dominate the forest from its northernmost reaches to the southern end of the Highhorn Mountains. They are fair skinned with long braided hair the color of snow. Their eyes are narrow, shaped like sweetroot seeds, and are as pale as their skin. They wear heavy clothes and thick furs when traveling or at rest, but prefer light leathers when fighting or scouting; in those circumstances, they rely more on their natural fortitude than on clothing to resist the cold.

The Erunsil live in giant shelterwood trees surrounded by groves of massive, evergreen winter oak. Their homes are magically grown hollows in the massive trees, insulated by creeper vine and heated by hearthstones. They are hunters and live off the natural bounty of the forest. Groves of tuber- and nut-bearing plants supplement their diets of deer, caribou, and ebo-ta meat.

These northern elves have fought the orcs of the mountains for thousands of years and are experts at hunting this prey. They are fierce warriors and have been keys to the defense of Erethor since the Shadow first menaced the elves. They carry powerful icewood bows and vicious paired fighting knives, and use both to deadly effect.

Erunsil Racial Traits

• Frost Thorns: Erunsil treat Staghorns, icewood longbows and snow elf fighting knives as martial weapons, rather than as exotic weapons. Additionally, when wielding two snow elf fighting knives, Erunsil suffer only half the normal penalties for wielding a second weapon in their off hand. This benefit stacks with that granted by Two-Weapon Fighting and similar feats.

• Favored Region: Veradeen. Snow elves’ favored region bonuses for Erethor increase by +2 when in the Veradeen.

• Great Fortitude: Snow elves gain Great Fortituded as a bonus feat. The snow elves are hardier than their southern kin.

• Cold-Honed: Snow elves can move through natural snow and ice at their normal speed and gain a +4 racial bonus on Fortitude saves to avoid nonlethal damage from cold environments. Additionally, Snow elves suffer only half the normal damage (rounded down) from the nonlethal cold damage caused by these effects.

• Signature Gear: Snow elves may begin play with an icewood bow (at one-quarter normal cost). Snow elves gain a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with icewood bows.

• Automatic Languages: High Elven, Orcish (1), Patrol Sign and Traders Tongue (1). Bonus Languages: Black Tongue, Erenlander, Norther, Sylvan.

Erunsil (Snow Elves)

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